MSN Password Reset

Users need to have their password to be reset using the steps which have been written right below. This is a common problem which is faced by many members of the who quiet often use the MSN E-Mail. The Support Team of the MSN has been given full training so that they are able to successfully address all users queries.

The following steps written below need to be followed by all the distressed users in case they wish to have their password reset: -

  1. Enter the link which has been written above in the address bar. This will be directing you to the page where you will be seeing all the locations from where the steps shall be specified about how you shall be able to reset your account password.
  2. From the reasons which have been written select the Radio button corresponding to the reason why you wish to have the password of your account to be reset. There shall be three options given namely,
    • I forgot my password
    • I know my password, but I can’t sign in
    • I think some else is using my Microsoft account
  3. Enter the E-Mail address which has been used by all the users to create your account. This e-mail address might be any e-mail address which might be ending with a Microsoft domain like or
  4. Now some automatically generated characters shall be displayed on your screen. These characters need to be entered in case you wish to proceed any further. This is very important for all to users who need to use our e-mail account. This must be done in order to verify that you are a real life user user of our e-mail account and not an automatically generated bot.
  5. In case you have added additional two-layer protections to your account like an extra Phone Number or an E-Mail Address. In this particular case all the users will be able to receive an extra additional message (the verification code) which shall be sent to your account for us to quickly verify your account.
  6. Enter in the above written code and you shall be able to easily reset your account password.


  • YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO GET A SECURITY CODE: - If this happens to be the problem which you are encountering then click on the option which reads as I didn’t get a code when you’re prompted for a code at the sign-step. Or in case you Don’t have access to these when you are re-setting your password, then simply follow the instructions which are been written in the security questionnaire which might be displayed. Personal information like the Birthday, Credit Card Information or something else might be asked for.
    1. Go to Sign In, and sign in with your Microsoft Account.
    2. Under the App Passwords, tap or click Create a new App Password. Once you have done this then a new app will be generated and shall be appearing on your screen.
    3. Enter this app password exactly where you shall be entering your normal password.

In case of any additional trouble all the distressed users can read about the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS from the forum: -


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